Do you feel sick all the time?

Do you have problems no doctor can diagnose?

  • Have you been sick for years?
  • Have you seen doctor after doctor with no relief?
  • Or worse, have you been given a diagnosis (like Parkinson’s disease, lupus, diabetes or dementia) and told there is no cure? That, at best, your doctor can only treat the symptoms?
  • Do you feel like your brain no longer works, that you can’t concentrate, that your memory is shot?
  • Can you no longer do things you love, like work, exercise or play with your children?

Are you finally ready for a healthy body?

The Mercury Detoxification Manual

Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment

Hair Test Interpretation: Finding Hidden Toxicities


Andy Cutler Chelation Success Stories

Since these testimonials contain personal health information, some writers have chosen not to reveal their name or to use only initials.

“I was sickened by dental work in 1988. I didn’t know that is what took the vibrancy out of my life. I went to docs and did different things trying to get better. Because I was physically strong and lean, no one took me serious. Each month I had a little less cognitive ability and a little less energy.”


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“I am early on in the chelation journey but feel that ACC has saved my life already. I have had memory problems since high school ( I’m in my 50’s now) and by my first year in college had about 22 amalgam fillings, many of them deep in the molars and some on the gumline. I also grew up with lead exposure. “


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Before I started chelating, I was starting to have frequent absence seizures. I didn’t realize these were happening until I made a post in the ACC group about a very frightening situation that happened to me one night…”


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“I had struggled with a number of mysterious ailments for as long as I can remember, but my health began deteriorating in my late 30s. For almost a decade, I tried everything I could think of and saw a growing number of medical specialists without any success. Then under a naturopath‘s treatment I began getting sicker very rapidly …


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“I’m so grateful to Andy Cutler for his work. I had some mild mercury toxicity symptoms growing up. After amalgam fillings were placed in high school and a gold crown with amalgam base in my 20’s, anxiety, depression and migraine headaches…”


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“We started Andy Cutler’s detox protocol around mid/end of spring of 2015, my 2 kids, my husband, my 2 sisters (one of them a dentist) and myself. We were all pretty much doomed with chronic ailments mostly from amalgams but not only….”


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“ACC has been truly life altering. I always knew I had a myriad of physical symptoms, but until chelating, I had no idea how many psychological symptoms were also bringing me down. I didn’t know those symptoms existed because they had always been there….”

Justine Myers

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“In 2008 I had a tetanus vaccine because I had to go on a trip to Africa. A couple of years after the vaccine, I started developing symptoms of severe brain fog, poor long term memory, and severe fatigue. The doctors couldn’t help with my symptoms….”


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