“I was sickened by dental work in 1988. I didn’t know that is what took the vibrancy out of my life. I went to docs and did different things trying to get better. Because I was physically strong and lean, no one took me serious. Each month I had a little less cognitive ability and a little less energy.

“Sometime about 2006 I started eating a raw diet and juicing. My juice included cilantro. I felt wonderful for some time. Then I went slowly irrational. I lost my strength. In a short time my perception of life was one of suffering. I was always lost. I couldn’t recognize faces. I became a poor employee who made frequent mistakes. It is called brain fog.

“I was barely functioning, a recluse who couldn’t sleep. Laughter was literally painful. I found Andy Cutler’s chelation and removed the mercury. I have recovered my brain and life by chelating the mercury out.


“I am early on in the chelation journey but feel that ACC has saved my life already. I have had memory problems since high school ( I’m in my 50’s now) and by my first year in college had about 22 amalgam fillings, many of them deep in the molars and some on the gumline. I also grew up with lead exposure.

“The older I got, the less I wanted to be around other people, especially people I didn’t know. I had fears of saying the wrong thing, doing the wrong thing, and lost the ability to read body language and social cues. I also developed ADD like symptoms in adulthood.

“In 2018 I began to have neurological symptoms. In 2018 I tested at 9/100 on a general memory test portion of a neuro-psych eval. I was desperate for answers as to why I couldn’t remember anything. I found a doctor who had me do a challenge test for metals (never do that). I was incapacitated for 4 days and sick for a couple of weeks afterwards. He wanted to do IV chelation weekly at twice the dose of the challenge test for a year and then re-evaluate. (Never do IV chelation)

“That’s when I found ACC. I firmly believe that the doctor would have done permanent damage to my organs if not killed me with his aggressive form of ineffective treatment. So in that way, Andy Cutler has already saved my life or quality of it. Now I have the opportunity to regain my life by using this oral, slow and steady method of chelation. I am so very thankful.


“Before I started chelating, I was starting to have frequent absence seizures. I didn’t realize these were happening until I made a post in the ACC group about a very frightening situation that happened to me one night. I had gone to the bathroom and turned on the water to wash my hands. After turning on the water, I had an absence seizure and when I came out of it, I was so disoriented that I didn’t know what I was doing. It took probably about 5-10 seconds of complete disorientation before everything came back to my recollection. I didn’t realize what had been going on with me until that night. The pieces of the puzzle started falling together. Another example, I was driving one day a few miles from my house and all the sudden I didn’t know where I was. It was a very terrifying experience. I also realized that all those times I thought I was spacing out and coming in at the end of conversations confused was all related to these absence seizures.

“I have finished 6 rounds of chelation and have noticed that I have not had anymore of those weird fading sensations or the moments of confusion that would follow an absence seizure. I have also had some of my sense of humor return, improvement in the ability to process conversations, self confidence improvement, and many other gains. I know I’m not anywhere near done but the results are real and evident. People are already seeing the changes in me. One person that is a part of my healthcare team said it’s like someone is slowly turning your light on, you’re coming to life and more vibrant.

“This is just a small taste of the good things I have experienced! I am so blessed and extremely thankful to be a part of this group and to have this rare opportunity to become healed and whole, the gift Andy has given us…to be ourselves again.”


“I had struggled with a number of mysterious ailments for as long as I can remember, but my health began deteriorating in my late 30s. For almost a decade, I tried everything I could think of and saw a growing number of medical specialists without any success. Then under a naturopath‘s treatment I began getting sicker very rapidly until my whole body was shaking uncontrollably, my teeth were chattering, and I could barely hold my head up, at which point she sent me to the ER for a full cancer workup (which came up clean, thankfully).

“A few months later someone suggested I look into mercury and recommended ACC as the only safe option for chelation. Once I joined the group, the whole picture came into focus. I looked back at my notes and I realized the naturopath had been giving me improper chelation while I still had two amalgams in my mouth. I was in pretty bad shape at that point, fearful, isolated, and struggling to follow basic directions. But with the generous help of the moderators and other group members, I was able to begin the protocol.

“One year into chelation with ACC, I am getting my life back, with every hope of not just a full recovery but of feeling better than I ever have in my life. I wish I had found ACC years ago, but I am so grateful for this second chance and to Andy for his pioneering work and the wealth of information he shared with us.”


“I’m so grateful to Andy Cutler for his work. I had some mild mercury toxicity symptoms growing up. After amalgam fillings were placed in high school and a gold crown with amalgam base in my 20’s, anxiety, depression and migraine headaches became more severe and frequent year by year. I never knew WHY I had these problems; I assumed they were genetic.

“I had two kids in my 30’s and passed some mercury to each of them. Into my 40’s, I developed blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol issues and started Rx to treat all of this. Finally, I had a minor breakthrough in my early 50’s when I started seeing an Integrative Physician who was able to help with diet and supplements. Like most practitioners she was unaware of mercury toxicity, so she recommended 200mg R-ALA daily, which caused my cognitive function to decline.

“FORTUNATELY I then stumbled into the Andy Cutler Chelation Group and found out about Mercury Toxicity. Suddenly everything made sense. I got the rest of my amalgam fillings removed and started chelating using ACC. I’m now almost 2 years chelating and migraines have decreased in frequency and severity, I’m sleeping better, dreaming sometimes, sweating sometimes. My cognition has improved quite a bit and I feel like my biologic function is beginning to work again. In a way, I feel like I’m aging backward, going back in time, regaining what I’d slowly lost, bit by bit. My husband and two college aged kids are also chelating and we enjoy comparing notes on our chelation experiences.”


“I’m so grateful to Andy Cutler for his work. I had some mild mercury toxicity symptoms growing up. After amalgam fillings were placed in high school and a gold crown with amalgam base in my 20’s, anxiety, depression and migraine headaches became more severe and frequent year by year. I never knew WHY I had these problems; I assumed they were genetic. My husband (14 amalgams)had become over the years chronically IBS grumpy seemingly pre-Alzheimer, isolated, irritable, brain fogged, clogged, no memory left, sleeping most of the day, with severe chronic fatigue and pains…he stopped working and had neither the will nor the imagination to come up with ideas to solve our situation.

“My very logical, artsy and street smart 14yo daughter was rigged by learning disabilities (and other things) and treated as stupid by some teachers due to her inability to retain anything linked to letters and numbers, and with no academic future. I basically couldn’t sleep and was coming out of three hospitalizations for life endangering poly neuropathies first diagnosed as acute Guillain-Barre and then chronic poly neuropathies: couldn’t swallow, couldn’t walk, lost 15Kg (a good thing) my perceptions and senses were all messed up, warm felt icy, water felt salty, a knife seemed planted in my back and electricity shedding needles seemed poked in my feet and hands.

“Being a psychologist-psychotherapist with about 30 years of experience and loads of personal psychotherapy as well as a life-long interest in medicine, there was one thing which SAVED us all and also as a family: I somehow KNEW that all this was NOT psychological. I also KNEW my husband was very sick and not lazy, egocentric and antisocial etc.

“Today, after three years of detoxification following Cutler’s protocol, my son’s energy is back most of the time, he swims, bikes, plans activities and trips with friends. His BP and billirubins are normal. The brain fog and gut issues have mostly disappeared. My daughter is not chelating, but she is taking the supplements and controls what she eats, which somewhat controls her issues.  My husband is smiling and has regained some of his energy and initiative – unbelievable, feels like a miracle – we even LAUGH again together, what a blessing.  I went from being a nervous wreck insomniac with recurrent bladder infections, chronic aches and pains and a chronically stuffed nose to managing to feel the fresh air in my sinuses and managing on and off after now almost 20 years to sleep 8 hours in a row with no sudden attacks of utter despair. Above all, my neurologist says my nerves have remyelinated, I have never had another neuropathy attack since 2015. I feel clear headed and emotionally stable.  My sisters are happy too. One of them even says she LOOOOVES chelation, it makes her feel sooo much better, with most of her physical handicapping issues now under control.

“SO… Anyone with chronic issues should look into this protocol. It’s safe when applied exactly as prescribed. The book “Amalgam Illness” has tons of information in it, and has a laundry list of solutions for ailments associated to poisoning. I highly recommend buying it. It’s not to be read like a novel but more like a cooking book, back and forth according to needs.

“I owe to Andrew Hall Cutler, the recovering of our health and will be eternally grateful towards him for this..”