Safe amalgam removal

If you have decided that you might be mercury toxic, you need to remove all exposure to mercury.  One of the most consistent exposures is through your amalgam (silver) fillings.  As long as you have those, you will continue to take mercury into your body.  This is why you can not chelate with them in your mouth.

The dentist who put in your amalgams should not be the one to take them out.  Special precautions are necessary when removing amalgams to make sure you are exposed to the least amount of mercury.  There are two dental organizations that promote mercury safe dentistry: and’s safe removal protocol is called “SMART”.’s is “The Protect Protocol.”  Both use drapes, dental dams and external air to protect you.  The dentists that use these protocols may also try to convince you to their use detox rinses or protocols.  Let the dentist’s do what they do best – take care of your teeth.  Use the chelation protocol given in the books to get healthy.

For a more complete list of dentistry do’s and don’ts, see The Mercury Detoxification Manual, Chapter 5.

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