What is Chelation?

Chelation is how you remove mercury and other heavy metals out of your body. You do it by taking a chelator (a pill) on a specific schedule. You do this for anywhere from 6 months to a few years to remove mercury from your body and get rid of symptoms.

There are only a few real chelators. These chemicals have a specific structure that allows them to grab onto heavy metals ions and escort the mercury out of the body. The chelators used in the Andy Cutler chelation (ACC) protocol are alpha lipoic acid, DMSA and DMPS.

Not all substances that move mercury around in your body are true chelators. EDTA and chlorella don’t have the chemical structure a real chelator has. As such, they may stir up the mercury in your body, but they will not help you get rid of it.

What’s so special about the Andy Cutler chelation protocol?

Andy Cutler chelation (ACC) is the safest know method of chelating. Andy developed this protocol after becoming deathly sick from dental work. He saw lots of doctors. It was only after one of them suggested he might have amalgam illness that he got started in the right direction. He tried a bunch of interventions including a DMPS challenge test. He got worse. That finally convinced him he needed to do his own research.

Andy was one of about 1000 people able to come up with this protocol. He had the exact right background and skills. As he put it:

I happened to be the guy with exactly the right specialized knowledge who had to figure it out right for my own sake, and who could read (with great difficulty) Russian language papers, and who was very used to actually looking up and reading and interpreting journal papers for whether they were actually correct (which is almost never done in academic situations, I learned this as an industrial consultant).

Kinetics is not a common thing for chemists to know and the relevant part of kinetics here actually is considered chemical engineering – but a chemical engineer would never have known enough descriptive chemistry to figure the rest of the relevant material out.

Andy’s understanding of pharmacokinetics (how drugs are absorbed and excreted from the body) allowed him to figure out how often you need to take a chelator to keep a constant level in your body. These calculations are done by pharmaceutical companies on all the prescription medications you take. Andy was able to do it for the chelators alpha lipoic acid, DMSA and DMPS.

This schedule and the chelators used is what makes this protocol the safest known. Andy discovered the best chelators and then calculated how often you must take them to avoid redistributing mercury around your body with each dose. Using his schedule, you only experience redistribution at the end of a “round” or amount of time continually taking the chelator. Lengthen the time between chelator doses and you will redistribute the mercury with each capsule. Unfortunately, mercury tends to redistribute to the places that give you the most trouble, and you would end up driving mercury into your brain, heart, liver, thyroid and adrenal glands.


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